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Pump Valve Fittings

Newrise has a full range of accessories to support our pump valves, including master impeller, bearing housing, shaft sleeve, shaft spacer and volute liner. Get optimal performance from your pump valve with the proper accessories for your application.

Pump parts and accessories are components and devices used in the construction of pumps. A pump part may include an upstream and downstream bend element, sidestream, inlet guide vane, impeller, front and rear seals, diffuser, and an exit element such as a volute. Pump parts and accessories include gas pump parts, water pump parts, and sump pump parts. Other pump parts and accessories for water pumps include the shaft and impeller that spin on the sealed bearing, which is the part that usually wears out.

Master impeller

Impellers can be manufactured from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, iron, carbon steel, bronze and plastics. Impellers are often found at the centre of machines that rotate, like centrifugal pump bodies or compressors. They can be radial, mixed flow, axial and peripheral, depending on the pump’s design and function.

    Service: As per drawing or sample production

    Technics: lost wax casting process/glass casting process/silicasol casting process/die casting process/sand casting process + precision CNC machining + Surface Treatment.


    1)Grey iron, ductile iron, pig iron;
    2)Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel;
    3)Aluminum alloy, Aluminum 380, Aluminum 6061;
    4)Zinc alloy copper brass, bronze etc.

    Size: Customized as customer's drawings.

    Surface treatment: Heat treatment, polishing, plating, anodizing, shot, sand blasting, zinc plated, oxide, hot dip galvanized.

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