Customized Processing Services

We provide production casting, forging, welding, and machining services.

We have deep understanding of the needs of customers in construction industry for product functionality and requirement, working with them to ensure their requirements and satisfaction.


Main Products


Flanges are widely used in pipe network for removable connections to various pipe components like valves, special items as well for connection to equipments.

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Trailer Accessories

Newrise is one of the manufacturer and supplier of trailer door hinges, gears and other accessories. A wide variety of trailer door hinges and door gears options are available to you.

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Pump Valve Fittings

Newrise has a full range of accessories to support our pump valves, including master impeller, bearing housing, shaft sleeve, shaft spacer and volute liner. Get optimal performance from your pump valve with the proper accessories for your application.

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Agricultural Machinery Accessories

Numerous agriculture rely on them, whenever high quality parts are required in series – at low unit costs and reliable availability. And this is exactly where we can support you!

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Formwork System

It provides a suitable formwork solution to most concrete structure and component and meets the general requirements of different construction methods and conditions.

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Scaffold System

Ringlock scaffolding is one of the most advanced and complete scaffolding systems on the market and a popular choice for many different types of applications. It can be connected horizontally and vertically.

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Our Advantage:

● With 15 years of experience in supplying OEM metal solutions service.

● Complete and strong customer service team& technical team for OEM type product design and proofing process.

● Supply to wholesalers and manufacturers around the world, in the field of agriculture, industry, new energy support and construction etc.

● The ability to integrate supply chain resources of various production processes.

● Acknowledge with various industry standards and execute in accordance with standard tolerances.

● Strict quality control of each product before shipment.

Project Team to Meet Customer’s Individualized Needs

1. We will detailed analysis and optimize the process technics when received the drawings.

2. We will further confirm the material grade on the drawings and send to our material supplier.

3. Project consultant team will review the best process technics and final confirmation with the customer, at the same time according the drawings and technics to draft the products quality inspection standard and delivered to the quality inspector.

4. After the samples are confirmed. According to the size, quantity and process deReview drawings. Gree of complexity negotiat.

What is casting processing?

There are many casting processing for options. As a professional manufacturer, we will choose the proper casting processing after received the drawing and application scope.

Metal casting is the process of creating metal objects by pouring molten metal into a mold and allowing it to cool and solidify into the desired shape. The metal casting process involves several steps, including:

1. Mold making: The product is used to create a mold, which can be made of sand, plaster, or ceramic materials. The mold is formed in two parts, with a cavity in the shape of the desired object.

2. Melting and pouring: Metal is melted in a furnace and poured into the mold, filling the cavity.

3. Cooling and solidifying: The metal is allowed to cool and solidify inside the mold, taking the shape of the cavity.

4. Removal of the casting: Once the metal has solidified, the mold is broken or opened to remove the casting.

5. Finishing: The casting may undergo various finishing processes, such as grinding, machining, polishing, or surface treatments, to achieve the final desired specifications.

Metal casting is a versatile and economical method for producing metal parts in a wide range of sizes and shapes, making it one of the oldest and most common manufacturing processes in the world.

You may find products with metal casting techniques in many industries:

Farming Equipment / Agricultural Machinery


Construction Equipment


Transportation: automobile, aerospace, railways, and shipping


Machining Tools


Mining Machinery